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I am going to share a story with you that only few people know. This is something that happened to me on my way back from de stressing after studying for my exams. I was pretty stressed out, I have never taken exams before, online classes were different. There was no exam, they went off you total from all your work. So I was unsure how to study. So I was stressed out. Studying for my first time and trying…

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Student Loans The SSA will not count federal education loans (like parent PLUS, Perkins, or Stafford) or any other loan made under Title IV of the Higher Education Act as income or resources (assets). Certain other education-related resources such as grants may be excluded as well, as long as they are set aside for tuition and fees. Student Loan Total Disability Discharge I also found out if you have SSI you can qualify for Total Disability Discharge. I owed a…

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Life Lessons


Let me say that you should never let anything or anyone discourage you from doing what you love.  If you have a passion go for it.  I always loved traveling, so I combined that with education and went abroad for college. Now going abroad is not for everyone. It is a huge step outside the the comforts of home. You need to feel out your surroundings and explore, there are some of us who need that extra shove. A few…

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