Life Lessons


Let me say that you should never let anything or anyone discourage you from doing what you love.  If you have a passion go for it.  I always loved traveling, so I combined that with education and went abroad for college.

Now going abroad is not for everyone. It is a huge step outside the the comforts of home. You need to feel out your surroundings and explore, there are some of us who need that extra shove.

A few things need to happen if you go aboard or go out of state for school these things are:

  • Create a support network
  • Get involved in actives (For me it was the Harry Potter Society) This is where I made all my closest friend.
  • Stay Active, explore your surroundings so you know where your classes are
  • Stay connected with home, because this is how you stay grounded. (What I did, was write a news letter to all my friends and family and also texted my mom every so often.)

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