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Now that I have got your attention. I can’t say whats inside all of your minds, but I can tell you what is inside my mind at any given time.

There are four words that come to mind what I talk about about whats inside my mind, these words are Chaotic, Creativity, Balance and Brilliance.  Now I will go into a little more detail how each word affects my state of mine.

Chaos, my mind is always at a state of chaos. I am always in a hurry, things are a mess, I can never finish what I am doing, because I get distracted.

Creativity, now the creative side of my mind connects with the chaotic part and something happens I come up with some pretty great ideas such as this blog and more and more ideas start to float around in my head.  But with those states combined something happens, I get into a state of calmness and I feel. Balanced

Balanced, being balanced is a great feeling, you feel centered, in control of what your doing, you see things clearer, and you able to relate to world on a whole other level.  When I am balanced I in a state of clarity, I can think ahead and plan out my steps.  But with all three of those states comes something amazing. A brilliance that amazes many people.

Brilliance, Now I am not saying I am brilliant, but the ideas I can come out with or the creative ideas I have are sometimes amazing and so out there there is no other words to describe them except brilliant.

All four of these states are what keeps me focused and clear headed.  I am by no means a Einstein, but I am brilliant when it comes to certain things. But what makes me so different is the way I think and can sometimes think two steps ahead and I owe it all to my 4 states of being Chaotic, Creativity, Balance and Brilliance.

You can agree to disagree. But this is who I am.  Like it or not.

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