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For me, this was a weird feeling. Before I even started traveling on my own, I would go on trips with family or friends. I never thought how would I handle myself on my own. Who knew I would have a totally awesome adventure and want to do more.

Yes I did travel, but before each departure I had such anxiety. I would have so much going though my mind like, what if I miss the plane, or I get lost. I didn’t let those thoughts stop me though.

To show you that no one is perfect, I kind of hand my first and only panic attack. Things were fine till we got to the airport. I was expecting them to let me have both my parents come with me to the gate, but since 9/11 things were tighter, I was only allowed 1. The first emotion that was going through me was anger. I wanted this guy to feel how upset I was, I didn’t care about the stupid rules. Here I was going off on my own for a year for first time ever.

So my dad said you mother will go with you. So we walked over to where my gate was and there was a clear glass divider between the gate and the rest of airport. My mom went over to the store and got my dad a newspaper to read and some gum. Well this is where he feel on his butt. I should of been laughing, but I was balling. My dad is on his phone telling don’t cry, he didn’t know what was going though my head. So as the boarding call was made, I don’t know what went over me, but I felt a sorta calm as I kissed my mom goodbye and waved to my dad. I found my seat and began to relax a bit.

I found out later when I was settled in at school, that my mom waited at the gate till my plane took off to make sure I was safe and OK. I took a photo of myself on the plane in my seat and my dad had that as his wallpaper on his computer.

That was my first experience traveling alone. I knew once I got to my destination I would be fine.

Now once I finished school going week to week to a different country, I had a bit of anxiety, but I managed it and knew like I said, once I got on the plane I was fine. With Uber app ready to go.. Now the fun thing about Uber in Europe its all Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and the drivers had water and candy for you. They were all so nice made my visits that more enjoyable.

So if you feel that anxiety, just remember things will be better once you land at your destination.

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