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I have talked a little about my adventures in Ireland. But I didn’t talk about the most beautiful time I had doing a bike tour around the Arran Islands.  Now there are certian things you need to remember. 1)have not, riden a bike in years, 2)I had no clue on when I should shift between gears and 3) I was way out shape despite walking all over campus back at school..

Now to give you a idea of how out of shape I was. We had this company come to school advertising moring drinks and they had a infaltable obstacle course. All of my friends did this course in like seconds, like 20 to 30 seconds, me I did it in 1min and 45 secs.. and I was exhasuted to point the point where I couldn’t walk. My legs were so sore.

Now back to the bike ride.  Like a idiot, instead of taking a bus tour. So i decied to take a bike ride with the rest while one other person took the bus tour.  So we start the tour. I am doing fine till I hit a hill and wham, I am struggling to where I have to get off and walk the bike up.

Now I am starting to panic everyone is way ahead of me, and I here I am almost lost. Thank God I came across this nice eldery couple from the tour and decied to ride with me. The wife was so sweet. As we got off at a place to eat and rest, she asked me if I was switching gears on the the hill and I had the seat up enough so my legs were stretching.  God Bless her, she even came out to check on my bike.  She told me when I need to switch gears that on a straight away I ride first gear and going up hill I go second gear.  Well it didn’t matter much I was still struggling.

Anyways they were so sweet. They rode with till the end.  I did manage to meet up with the group a few times to check out a few sites. 

After the tour we walked around and checked out some old forts

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