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How do deal with disappointment when it happens.  This is a tough one, you make friends when you are at a school and as soon as you graduate you lose some of them and the some stick with you.  This is a true test of the person you are. How you deal with losing touch with friends who you thought were close friends.

The secret to this, is don’t blame yourself. You’ll only beat yourself up if that’s how you go at it.  You need to look at from their point of few.  Maybe they were cleaning out those who they don’t talk to much, or maybe they aren’t on Facebook a lot. 

Either way. a good way to avoid this is Send them a note saying hey, how are you doing. .

Disappointment is one on the hardest things to get through. But for someone like me who has ASD its even harder. There are several things in life that get us down:

  • Getting let go from work or turn down from a job
  • Rejection from a girl or heartbreak (a break up)
  • Getting a bad grade
  • Having people make fun of you
  • A loss in your family

All these things are really hard to get over, I know the hard answer is to conmfront them head on trust me, that is one of the hardest things to do even someone without Asperger’s has that problem. But there is a simpler answer.

You pick yourself up and move on. It’s not the end of the world. But doing that is even hard. You just need to remind youself, not to take anything personal. When my friend stopped talking to me, I didn’t let it get me down, I moved on. When a girl turned me down, I told myself there a others out there.

Disappointment is a tough thing, but we just need to remind ourselves that we can get through this and move on with our lives.

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