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When the days get colder, and rainy and you can’t figure out what to do, look into your storage of board games or computer games.  Get the whole family involved if they want to.

Now if they don’t want to play, that is OK as well. Everyone has their own way of entertaining themselves.   For me example, I like to watch streamers or play a game on my computer.  But since now it’s me and my mom I like to stay closer with her, so I watch TV shows we both enjoy watching like the vet shows on NatGeo and Animal Planet.

But the one thing I do suggest is you don’t sit in front of the TV or computer all day, because you legs and butt will start to hurt, so stretch and walk around your house. 

Also make sure your laundry is done so you have clean clothes. I do suggest if you do not know how to do laundry is to ask you mom or dad to help you as this will come handy if you decide to go away for school. I highly recommended it, because it will see if you can handle living on your own when time comes.

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