Life Lessons


Just as the title says, noone is perfect. Not even me. I bet if you look through my blog you will find typos or spelling errors. That’s because I type fast and don’t bother to check what I am typing till later. Now I am not the worldest greatest typist but we all are entitled to make our own mistakes and learn from it.

You are entitled to make mistakes, this is how we learn. Doesn’t the saying go “We learn from our mistakes.” That is how we learn. Otherwise we would be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Sometimes we learn when others tell us we made a mistake and other times we learn on our own. But like I said we are entitled to make mistakes.

Live and learn, is the motto of life. We live our lives and learn from our mistakes and move on. Sometimes it’s harder some and easier for others.

I can tell you in my life I have made plenty of mistakes. But I got up and moved on.

So just remember if someone tells you, no matter who it is, “Hey you made a mistake” say “Hey, I am not perfect.” That’s what the roles of teachers, professors and family, they are there to help you learn from you mistakes and become a better person in life.

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