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This is one of the hardest things for us to keep in check. How many times has someone told you to either to not be over emotional or not to show them at all.

This is a hard for us too do, because of who we are. For me to bottle up my emotions right now would make me very sick.. I am still dealing with the loss of my father who passed away in August of 2017.

But I am going to tell you something that a really good friend and metor told me. She told me “Don’t deny, what your heart wants”. In other words if you feel like crying, than cry if you feel like screaming than scream. Just let it out..

By releasing your emtiontions you will feel this senses of gratification. It’s a emotional release. Always judge where your emotions are at depending on your situation. I know social events can be very draining. So remember to look at your scale and see where you at so if you are staring to feel more than a 1 maybe you should find a calm place and relax.

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