I used to person who could be happy sitting at home and watching TV or playing a game, than as time went on after my trip I realized I wasn’t happy any more. I realized am happiest when I am out and exploring the world around us. There are so many beautiful things to see and do. That is one of the reasons I choose to go to school in the UK and spend 6 weeks traveling across Europe on my own.

I wanted to see the world at my leisure and not to have any anyone slow me down. I am a person who likes to soak in the culture and enjoy everything around me.

The problem is traveling is costly. So here is a good tip for any occasion I figure out it would cost me for travel, that is airfare and hotel, and than once I have that set amount I figure food. Than I save up and put that money aside.

The world is a beautiful is beautiful and there is so much of it to see. Some people may say that a week is too long, but I say it is perfect. This is because you have enough time to see what you want and time to relax and just enjoy yourself. You also need to remind yourself to pace yourself because you can always come back and see more.

Now, traveling on your own may not be for everyone. For me it was hard, but I took it on. Yes I had travel anxiety, but the one thing that kept me grounded is I stayed in constant contact with my family as I traveled from taking off to landing. So my folks knew I was safe.

I knew once my folks, knew I was in the hotel and safe they can worry one bit less and for me it was a new chapter in my book.

I plan on seeing more of this country of ours as well as the countries around us.

I never thought I would want to do this, but seeing the world opened my eyes to such beautiful things and places and foods. I want to keep on traveling.

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