To begin with my battle with Social Security took me 3yrs to get to where I am now. 

The first time I applied for SSI, I did this on my own.  No help from layers or organizations of any kind.  We had given up hope. This was way back when, Autism wasn’t a even on the states radar scope. We didn’t even think about Appeal or going in front of a judge at that time.

Now when I got from school which was in 2015, my folks decided maybe we should try again, maybe things have changed, but this time we got help from a law firm that specializes in Disability cases with SSI.  So they helped us with all the paper work, had us send them all my doctor records anything that stated my disability and shown I had any problems finding work.

Now the first two times I applied with help, I got denied, like last time. But this time, we had help from the firm.  They told us to appeal which we did as we got a letter stating we would have to go in front of a judge with a lawyer.  

The reason it took three years is, that about how long from the appeal we had to wait to get a court date with a judge, and when that time came we were so happy, finally we got to explain my case. 

When we went to where we were supposed to go.  We waited to be called by our lawyer who took us into a room and went over stuff with us, and than we waited for our turn to go in front of the judge.

This is where I got to explain myself and let the judge know I had a hard time finding any type of work and where I even had anxiety when I traveled.  Opposing me was a women who represented the work force who looked up any type of job, where I would not have to deal with much people, of course there weren’t any.  Not even doing a mail room job because I would still have to deliver the mail.  After the hearing we had to wait another four months.

When we finally got the letter, the judge ruled Favorably in my behalf, we were ecstatic, but there was a stipulation, SSI had to go over my background.  This is where things got tricky.  

If you have over $2000 in your bank account you can get denied any money from SSI.. Well I had a life insurance policy from when I had insurance and it cost me my back pay.  But I was granted the monthly pay. 

So to sum things up, if you are trying for SSI, make sure you have all your records, you get help from a law firm that specializes in Disability and you have below $2000 in savings or anything else and if you do get denied appeal it is worth the wait.

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