The Altantic Ocean

This is a great story. When I was in Ireland on the tour we stopped at a cliff side to go down to beach side. Well the hill was steep and I was kinda afraid I was gonna fall down.

The bus driver, the great guy he was, said he would walk down with me and help get down the stone steps and help out. As I walked the steps he made asked how I was doing, and made sure I was ok..

Once we got down to the beach and he saw I was OK, he turned to me and said “That wasn’t that bad was it?” I smiled and no it wasn’t. Took off my shoes to tip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean and carried them back up.

We were told this myth that if you dip you toes in the ocean, she will take 20% of your soul only to give it back if you return in 10 years times.

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