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Reid in England

Hello Everyone. I know I touched on this, in the about me section. But I didn’t discuss the troubles I had during my times when I volunteered. The problems is not many companies these days wanted to spend money in training their companies in how to deal with employees with disabilities, well because of that reason I was a casualty of the system.

Every where I volunteered, it was the same story in life. No one wants to deal with confrontation so they go over you head. The most recent incident was in the Field Museum here in Chicago. Volunteers went to my supervisors, boss who doesn’t see how well I work on the floor and talk to the guests. So she knows nothing about my day to day. So one day my Supervisors boss comes to asks she can talk to me for moment, I say sure. I step away from the cart and she tells me volunteers have been coming to her saying I am standing too close to them, well I tell her I will watch where I am standing, I say to her, “well they should come to me and tell me” well her reply is “No one likes confrontation”

Well after that I tried to watch were I stood.. Than one day I get a email and they feel in their words “Maybe you volunteering too much” So they gave me a month off. But what really upset me was what they told me later when they let me go they said “We were hoping after that month off, things would change with me”

Now the funny thing is after my first warning, I posted on the Field Museum Volunteer FB page about me having Asperger’s and no one took note and thus is when they gave me the month off, thinking I needed time to rethink things, than when they finally let me go, they also told me, “it was a negative thing for me to try to find out who was the person who ratted me out”

The Adler was a different story, I got moved from a volunteer position I loved doing, to something I was totally bored doing. I lost working with my great supervisor, and seeing day light.

This is the story of my life. All because I have Asperger’s and my issues are social and spatial. So all I have to say to all of you out there reading who have Asperger’s be cautious.


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