Three on the spectrum

Welcome to the very first episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio.

*Please excuse the audio quality as this is the first recording I have done, I didnt realize it was using the cam mic and not the actual mic. Wont happen again.

On this episode, I talk with Rebecca Campol.Not only is her husband on the spectrum, she is also raising two wonderful children on the spectrum, one in high school and one in college dealing with online classes due to covid-19.

We leave no topic off the table, we talk about CBD and Malotonin and its affects on sleep on her kids, we talk sensory issues, and diets.

She also dives in and asks me questions about what advice I would give those out there like me and asks me about certain posts I have made on my blog.

About 29mins in you can find out why I did my blog.

About 31mins in you will find out my biggestg challenge going away to England for school for my Masters.

You dont want to miss this lengthy chat where we just sit down and chat.

Rebecca Campol is a Blogger and Mother of two wonderful kids on the spectrum, and also married to one, make sure to check out her musings on her blog at and if you do stop by, tell you Reid sent you.

This is a unedited audio of the interview. No Intro, No Music. No Ads.

As this is the 1st one.

Intro Music: Upbeat Akashic Records

Outtro Music: We Live On Borrowed Time Songwriterz

Special Thanks to: J.D.

Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Three on the spectrum

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