When you are going through life, it’s hard not to doubt yourself. This is because you are always secondguessing everything you do.  Life can be hard, but if it was easy, we wouldn’t learn anything.

I have always chosen the harder path, because I believe that if you take the easy way in life, you don’t learn anything new.  A good example of this iswhen I traveled I could have stayed only in the area around my hotel, Instead, I chose to venture out and explore.  I know what you‘re thinking… What if you got los? But that’s just the fun of exploring a new city. It’s how you find places to eat and get to know the area you‘re in, and it’s  how you get the flavor of the city.

Who knows? You may stumble upon a parade, or in my case  I learned about siesta a custom in many countries where just about everyone closes down for about five hours to enjoy family and eat dinner. I was lucky enough to find a little shop that sold some food.

If you doubt yourself,  you will miss out on so much in life.  I have always been told that life is too short you need to enjoy it while you can.  So stop doubting and secondguessing yourself, and get out there and enjoy life!

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