In the world of employment, this is one of the hardest things to do. The question always arises “What do I do, if I don’t have enough experience?” Companies will always look at your resume and say to you, you don’t have enough experience, and you always think to yourself “How do you expect me to get the experience if you wont hire me”

This has plagued many people who aren’t even on the spectrum. The answer isn’t a simple one, but one with many pathways. There are different ways you can go about this

  1. The first way you can deal with this situation is you can maybe improve your qualifications by going back to school or even I talked about just getting free certification online. This will make you look like your not just sitting at home and doing nothing.
  2. If your adventurous you can start your own business. I am saying be a Uber or Lyft Driver. Maybe design web pages for people at affordable prices.
  3. Another great thing you can do is, start a blog. How this helps is, you are helping others while helping yourself. Like I am doing here. A blog keeps people in the know and when a employer asks what you have been doing, you can say I run a blog. Not only am I helping people I am also keeping myself busy.

The thing is you need to fill your resume with stuff that makes it look like you are keeping busy. But going back to school is a great thing. Not only does it, enhanced you knowledge, but keeps you busy while you looking for that certain job

If you are looking for a Customer Service job, you can always, you do it all the time. Which isn’t a lie. You are talking to people every day, if you a not a introvert, you are very social and you either helping family with something or just talking to friends or talking to someone on the phone.

Customer Service is all about, talk to people and we do that every day. The more active you are the better you look to a employer. If its going back to school or running your own company or just doing a blog helping people. You look productive. Employers like to see that.

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