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Ireland was so different for me. This is because I was not on my own, I was with a travel group.

The flight

Getting to the airport was not a big deal for me. But preparing days before making sure I had enough packed for my trip and making sure I got all my stuff sent home. My trip started right after I handed in my dissertation.

I did research on how to back a suitcase without make things look wrinkled. Once I got that settled I made everything was cleaned up in my room and I shipped off the stuff back home.

Once I got to the airport I was a bit nervous. The TSA was not all to friendly with me, because I had a bottle of cologne I had to toss, which I didn’t want to. I want to tell him off, but I knew that wasn’t the right thing to do.

So I tossed it and went on my way… The flight there was pleasant. Once I got out and over to baggage and collected my bags I called a Uber. The first one was in the wrong place or I was, I was a bit confused. Called a second one and headed to my hostel. This was a real nice hostel in Dublin, It was in Temple Bar. The hostel was called Temple Bar Lane. Beautiful colors and a lively area. Nice room and great shower. I requested a single room. As I am not comfortable sleeping with people I didn’t know.

The Tour

Little did I know that’s all we were going to be staying in, but thanks God we were all grouped together in different rooms. The next day I was lucky, the tour place was right around the corner from me.

I left my big suitcase there and brought the small one packed with what I needed for the days I was on the tour. I was having a good time getting to each other on bus.

The first problem occurred when we got to our first place for the night when I found out we had to share a room with others. I almost need complete silence to sleep and darkness. It took me a long time to fall asleep, at least I knew I was with friends.

So thought the trip I had to deal with sleeping in a room with others. Noise and most of all like a idiot I forgot to bring a towel, razor and shaving cream. I didn’t realize till the end when we left that some of the hostels were selling those items.

I was able to deal with noise pretty well. I even enjoyed going out bar hoping with my fellow friends.

But I made some good friends, whom I ma still in contact with to this day. They were all good people from all over. There were two sisters from Utah, five people from Australia, another girl from the US not sure where is from and a few more we met on the bottom half of the tour.

I became friends with a couple from Canada who I stay in touch with. What was cool the guy even asked me to video tape his proposal to his girlfriend of six years, when we in line for kissing the Blarney Stone.

All in all I had a few bumps but I managed. If I can manage something like this I know all of you can do

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  • Reply
    March 8, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Hi: I just saw this blog & name on John Williams radio show posts. Nice to meet you Reid. I’m Linda, and I live south of Chicago.
    So, you took a tour of Ireland; coincidence, I took the same route you took in July. I was also on a small group tour for 10 days. My friend invited me to go with her.
    I felt, still feel, so emotional talking about it. A trip of my lifetime.
    I love to travel, but rarely get to.
    Anyway, glad I saw this.
    I know very little (none) about Asperger. So, I’m here to learn
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Linda Daniels

    • Reply
      March 8, 2019 at 5:08 pm

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much for the comment.. I wanted to travel after I graduated from college in the UK. So I talked with a travel agent and she set it up.. It was a trip of a lifetime.. I loved Ireland so much. Everything was so beautiful and green. The people in my group were from all over and I made some pretty great friends through the trip.. I plan on traveling more. I have a pact with myself to travel every other year with my good friend and go to different places we never been or wanted to go..

      Thanks again for the comment.

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