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Everyone has a routine. But habits are something we repeat. Whats the difference between a routine and a habit? What is a routine? Every morning I get, I take a shower before 9am. Before I get in the shower, I turn it on, so it gets hot, than I proceed to take out my clothes for the day, than I say to myself “underwear, socks, pants, shirt, sweater.” Believe it or not this is a routine.. A routine is something…

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Life has a tendency to knock us down. Now some of us are able to bounce back up and keep moving on. Relax, and Don’t Stress During my time away at Uni, I was under a lot of pressure. I felt I just wasn’t moving forward, it was like the saying “I am take one step forward and two steps back.” What I mean by this is no matter how hard I tried to get things done, I was always…

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I bet there are some you out there wondering if I take my own advice. The answer is complicated one at that. I do try to stay active. I walk my dog to get out and get fresh air and get some exercise. I do plan on eventualy plan on joining the gym and start a weekly plan. But right now money is tight for me. So I do what I can. I also am the point in my life,…

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I been playing minecraft for a long time, first Vanilla, than on to modded. This is a great game due to fact you have total control of everything that you do. From the blocks you use to how you want to play it. Now the Minecraft community is huge. There are conventions for it, one of the biggest conventions is called MineCon or Minefare Earth. They offer fans a chance to see great builds and meet some of youtubers they…

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