ADHD Edition / with Dr Hallowell

On this very special episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk to Dr. Ned Hallowell. We learn about him and how he manages his own ADHD.

He answers questions like, is ADHD and Low Self Esteem related to one another. He talks about how if you poor performance in life and know it that relates to yourself esteem. We talk about what he tribuets his success too and answers some quetions about memory and himself and also gives advice on focus and most important answers the question of is there a difference between adult and youth ADHD.

This was one facinating show with lots of facinating facts.

ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine with bicycle breaks” – Dr. Ned Hallowell

Dr Ned Hallowell

Inside the Aspergers Studio
ADHD Edition / with Dr Hallowell

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