Details coming soon.

I will be going this morning for another ECG and my mom will be taken to the AARTS center to take an a assessment than that’s it as far as I know I will post more when I get back.

Looks like you have to wait till next week. The weather here is bad so I called and rescheduled it.

Update: Well Thur is just around the bend. and from what I am told it will take 4hr, and I will have to fast again. Which means I will have to eat a big mean the night before.

Will update after I get through tomorrow.

Update #2

Ok its been a long day witht he 2nd visit. Started at 9:30am ended at 4:30pm.  Things went in the order I list them, First thing I had to do was take a ECG 3 differnt times at 5mins apart. So you trying laying still with things attached to you, plus I had to shave spots on my chest for them to stick the electrodes. After that I was given water and a snacks due to me having to fast before hand.  Than after that I went back to the the womens office where I ate my snacks and we waited for my mom who was taking a assessment at the AARTS office. 

While waiting for my mom, I answered a questionaire about my Autism and and health. With the last being on sucide. Than I once my mom got back we went to lunch.  After lunch I had a full physical and neurological exam. The asked me if I was sick in the past which I was I will talk about that in a other post.  After both exams I went back to the office and did a urine sample and they also took my weight and measurements, asked if I was on any new meds.

Than the doctor came back and asked me some questionaire questions, than once he was done, the women went over the things they want me to do. They gave me a smart phone to where I do different games and answer questions about my night and day, a smart watch and a digital ear therometer.  Where I have to take my temp.  After all that I was given a bottle with either the meds of the placebo. Now the next 24 weeks is a blind study where neither I or the staff know what I am taking.

The final thing I had to do was give blood. That is the most painful, because they take more than 2 vials of my blood.

The next appoitint is a phone follow up.


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