I know alot of you out there are having a hard time dealing with the heat.   It makes you sweaty, sticky and even tired and all want to do is stay in and play games.

As much fun as playing games on your console or PC is it gets tiresome after a while and you get bored.  Maybe take up a new hobby.  I know in this trying times, its hard to come up with new things to do.  But a few things I can reccommend is like maybe talk to your parents and see if you mothers wants to teach you how to bake breads.  That’s what me and my mom have beem doing. We bought a Paul Hollywood cookbook and started to make breads. Some came out good and some were disasters but we learn from out mistakes.

Another thing I started doing is, I recently got into playing Dungeon and Dragons. I would love to get those of you who follow me to get into as well, it is a great escape and lots of fun, but lots of reading and understand of mechanics of how the game is played. I can reccommend two great sites for help one is called DnDBeyond this is a great site with lot of material to go over and even a character creation tool to help you design your own character to play with.  The other site is called Roll20 this is a site where you can find virtual table tops to many Table Top games including D&D.

I am looking to maybe get some of you guys involved so we can have a fun game..

So guy dont feel bored, find things to go to occupy your time.


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