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The clinical study I was on has ended abruptly, leaving everyone with questions. I will no longer be taking the drugs I was taking,  but I still have a 3month follow up where I must show up and and have my temperature taken.  This is somewhat good news for me, because I still get paid for it.

The downside to this though, is that I will be off the medicine and so I hope I don’t revert back to how I was before. Like I said in my past posts about the study, we do believe the medicine has changed how I act in good ways.  I personally felt I wasn’t in a cloud any more and was thinking straight.

Update: It turns out I have a 3 month follow up for my study,  but no meds just temperature taken and they feel I will have a learned behavior from being on the medicine, which means I will keep my behavior I learned while on the meds as well as a built barrier in my communications so I can monitor what I am saying before I say it.

I guess I will have keep looking for studies that can help improve my communications.  In the meantime I will see what can be done to see if I can still remain on the medicine.  I plan to have a chat with the doctor in charge of the study and ask what he recommends I do.

Life has been good to me. Lets hope it  remains this way!

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