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This is a different type of post. This is a letter to my dear beloved father who passed away 3yrs ago on August 10th.

Dear Dad,

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or hear you hearty voice in my head.  I still can remember all the things you taught me through the years. Each one of your life lessons still stick with me today.

I can recount the times we would just sit and watch TV, as I would ask you questions about the show and you were so patient with me, you never raised your voice, or told me to go away. You would calmly say,  “I am first watching this show, so I know as much as you know.”

I could never be angry with you, no matter what.  Your warm smile and hearty laugh always reminded me that no matter what, I was your son and you will always love me no matter what. I could never ask for a better father than you. The patience you had with me, trying to teach me everything you knew.

I knew you were always proud of me, but the proudest you ever were was when I went away to school for my Masters in the UK.  I knew every time we would Skype, and you asked me “Am I happy there?”  You wanted to make sure I was happy, no parent wants to see their son or daughter unhappy. 

I now know that you are happy and surrounded by your family and grandma, knowing that will give me peace of mind when I sleep, and knowing you are always here giving us signs.

I will carry your lessons you have taught me though life and eventually teach them to my kids when I do get married. 

I love you and miss you as each day goes on. 



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    Leah Hartman
    August 19, 2020 at 1:45 pm

    I love this post, this photo, and your dad.

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