I promised myself I would not talk about politics or religion on here, but the out pour of hate for one of our own. Greta Thunberg is a Aspie like the rest of us out there. I also see comments about it’s too late to do anything for our planet, your wrong its not.

As my title says, there are so many things we can do. You just need to remind yourself small things matter too. I hear your thoughts, thinking “What can you do to make a difference on this planet of ours?

The answer is simple, you can cut back on the carbon footprint and do things that matter. Like instead of driving to work, you can take a bus or ride your bike if your job is close to your home, you can recycle. Recycling is so important, because it makes sure the right things get send to the right places to be recycled. You can buy things that have less packaging.

If you don’t want to give up on driving you may want to consider a Hybrid car.

These are just some of the little things, that if enough of us do it, it will make a difference.

If your younger, than you need to remind the adults “Hey you might not be around long enough, but I will and I don’t want to see this planet die while I am still living on it” If your a adult you can write to your congressmen and tell them “we need to make some serious changes or there not be a place left to live”

All politicians care about is money and economical growth, You need to remind them, without a planet to live any none of this will matter in the end. Changes need to be now, so there will be a tomorrow.

This was once a beautiful planet, but it seems people don’t care enough any more with all that’s happening any more. People are more concerned with the now than the future, we need to remind them, there will be no future until they start caring about the planet.

Climate change is real.  It’s not a hoax.   Our planets climate is changing because of our ignorance.  Maybe if we made people see what’s happening things will be done.

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