What a experience

For those of you who are following me on my podcast and reading along on my blog let me tell you about my adventures going to Vegas for the Podcast Movement Evolutions conference.

What a experience.

For someone who has ASD, ADHD along with mild travel anxiety this is one hell of a trip

First let say, the build up to the trip took a toll on me.  I was nervous, anxious, kinda dreading it.

One the thing that was on my mind was the fact, that it would of been the first time my mom would of been alone in the our house since we lost my dad in 2017, on top of that, she was sick.

But some of the things that really helped keep me grounded were the fact, I could txt her via WhatsApp once I was on the plane and in mid-air. This let her know I was ok. The trip was about 3hrs going and let me tell you, if you dont have things to keep you busy, it will feel like a long time.

But once I get to my hotel, and settled in, I began to relax a bit.

I can honestly say it was well worth it.. I walked away with 9 people agreeing to my on my 2nd show Stories.

If you are interested in who I have lined up coming up here is a list who I have coming

I have learned so much from the Panels I attended and so much more.

Check out the Veags Page for pictures from my room and at night.


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