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Going back to school

Hey everyone.

This post I will also talk about, on the Reiding Room.  But I thought I share some insight with those of you going back to school.

I know your all excited getting back to school after a nice summer break. But there are things you need to do to make sure you are ready. So here is some well needed advice that will help you out.

  1. Before you jump into actives and friends. Get a feel for your courses and work you will have to do for the semester.
  2. For those going to college, get used to your new dorm and roommates if you have new ones.
  3. Go over your course work, so you have a idea of time you need to put into it.
  4. Get a good nights rest, and be ready to take on your new semester.

These are so very important, because you don’t want to go out partying right when you get back to only find out, your course material will really weigh you down. For those in HS, same holds true minus the dorm room but also you might also have a new locker location. So figure walking time from class locker to class before 2nd bell rings.

But most all guys and gals, enjoy your friends and if you moving up like from freshmen to sophomore or so on enjoy being a grade higher and all the perks that it comes with.


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