Autism with a side of Sushi. W/ Kuri Yasuno

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Kuri Yasuno about rasing her son who is on the spectrum. We will talk about her book Autims with a side of Autism and find out what it’s like raising a son who is on the spectrum and what made her want to write a book about it.

Kuris Background:

Kuri is a immigrant from Japan at five years old, Kuri Yasuno arrived on Long Island, NY with her older brother and parents. She graduated from Georgetown University and got a job with Discovery Health Channel and the National Geographic Channel.  She had two sons and than switched gears to be a stay at home mom, only to realize later that one of her her older son was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum, Kuri took her creative spirit and her positive mindset to focus on his education and social skills development.

My son said that if this book will make people nicer to people on the spectrum, I should write it. And so, with his permission, I did”  This is what her son had told her about her writing a book about his experiences.

This is what I call one dedicated mother. Will learn about her journey together.

When you either someone on the spectrrum or raising someone on the spectrum, life is diffcult. So through the eyes of her son in her book you will find out more about what her son deals with day to day and hope to help those realize that people need to be nicer to those of us on the spectrum.

You can get her book here Autism with a side of Sushi

And Read more about here here Kuri Yasuno

Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Autism with a side of Sushi. W/ Kuri Yasuno

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