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Stories: Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey

Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey Meet Jerry Dugan, a seasoned leadership trainer, public speaker, and author with a passion for motivating people to live their best lives. As the host of the Beyond the Rut podcast, Jerry shares inspiring stories and valuable insights on personal growth and development. Growing up as an army brat offered him unique experiences and opportunities to adapt to new environments and learn from diverse individuals. Jerry’s personal journey with ADHD has…

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Surrounded by ADHD

Surrounded by ADHD Hello, Do you have ADHD and or knows someone who does, and do you live you Israel. Well my next guest is a ADHD specialist and helps those who have ADHD.  My next guest is Avigail Gimpel is a mother of six all of which have ADHD of some degree, not only that she also works with kids who have ADHD and even ASD as well.  She has also written a book called HyperHealing: The Empowered Parent’s…

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Autism with a side of Sushi. W/ Kuri Yasuno

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Kuri Yasuno about rasing her son who is on the spectrum. We will talk about her book Autims with a side of Autism and find out what it’s like raising a son who is on the spectrum and what made her want to write a book about it. Kuris Background: Kuri is a immigrant from Japan at five years old, Kuri Yasuno arrived on Long Island, NY with her…

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