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Misunderstandings to Mutual Understanding: An Unlikely Friendship Born in Court

Support the show via my Patreon Uncover the shocking truth about a defense attorney’s mission to make a compelling case for an autistic client. What unexpected discovery led to a groundbreaking trial outcome? Join us to delve into a legal journey that challenges misconceptions and reveals the power of understanding neurodiversity in the justice system. Stay tuned to uncover the eye-opening twist that changed everything. [BIGREVEAL] Interested to find out the surprising revelation that transformed the case? Keep reading…

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Surrounded by ADHD

Surrounded by ADHD Hello, Do you have ADHD and or knows someone who does, and do you live you Israel. Well my next guest is a ADHD specialist and helps those who have ADHD.  My next guest is Avigail Gimpel is a mother of six all of which have ADHD of some degree, not only that she also works with kids who have ADHD and even ASD as well.  She has also written a book called HyperHealing: The Empowered Parent’s…

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Itchy Brain with Jill and Adam Laudati

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Inside the Aspergers Studio. Do you know what ADHD is, ADHD stands for (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) Do you have ADHD or know someone who has ADHD and is feeling the negative stigma of it. Well my guest Jill and her Husband Adam and her 2 kids have made it a mission to show that there is a positive side to ADHD that people pass-over. Jill and her husband Adam have written…

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Autism with a side of Sushi. W/ Kuri Yasuno

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Kuri Yasuno about rasing her son who is on the spectrum. We will talk about her book Autims with a side of Autism and find out what it’s like raising a son who is on the spectrum and what made her want to write a book about it. Kuris Background: Kuri is a immigrant from Japan at five years old, Kuri Yasuno arrived on Long Island, NY with her…

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