My Gift of Gab

For those out there wondering how I do it. How do I talk to strangers all over the world on my podcast. Here is a story for you.

I have always been very outgoing, to the point where I would talk to people I don’t even know. I always wondered why I was the way I am. Than my mother told me one day that I got my gift of gab from my grandfather, her father. My dad was friendly but not like my grandfather my mothers father.

My grandfather is the type of person who would talk to strangers walking along the street who would pass him by. There is a story that comes to mind when I think of him.  I know now he would look down and laugh at this story.

The story goes “My brother used to work at a fancy Greek restaurant downtown Chicago, in a hotel. So we all decied to go there for my birthday. When I say we I mean (Me, my parents, my grand parents, and my moms sister my aunt Rose). Any ways I was bring a Volleyball to give my brother and at the time my brother was working.  Now a little backstory on my grandfather, he like to wear Sansabelt slacks with no belt or suspenders.

Now we are all sitting down chatting and my gram and aunt go off to the washroom. My brother comes out to see us, my grandfather goes to give him a hug and his pants slide down. Thank goodness he wears boxers. So quickly I grab his pants and pull them up and we are all laughing and my grandfather is having a good time.

We at the end of the night as we are getting up and getting ready to go, my grandfather bless his soul is sitting down by the door telling people with a smile on his face “You just missed the show, I accidentally dropped my pants”  and the people laugh with him.

So you see this is where my gift from. I am proud to have my fathers looks and my grandfathers gift of gab. This is what makes me a who I am today. This is what makes me so outgoing and joyful. I am one who always looks at the brighter side and never the darker side.

I have a friend be in shock as I wish a complete stranger a happy new year, thinking I knew the guy or girl.

It’s my nature to be friendly and outgoing. What you see is what you get.

It only got stronger when I kissed the Blarney Stone when I was in Ireland.

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