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Welcome to the new year.  In this post I am going to talk about little things that can help you get through you life with no hangups.

We all have issues getting through life, things that either make us stop in our tracks and go back and correct our actions to just the little things we miss out of every day life.

        Lets start with the most simplest thing.  No matter where we look it seems everyone is in a rush to get from A to B.  Well in their rush they seem to forget something.  Well I am here to tell you to SLOW DOWN. 

I noticed the difference in me when I was away in school. When I was in the UK in Canterbury, England. It was a busy town, people were going at their own pace and things felt relaxed.  I felt a certain ease in things. I found it a bit easier to sleep, and I enjoyed life much better.   Some of us are just not suited for the fast pace of the city life. 

A second lesson is too just look around, and take everything in.  The more you soak up your surroundings the more you will be able to naviagte through life.  Remember it’s ok to get lost once in a while, this is how you discover new things.  

Another good thing to remember is, never be afriad to ask for help.  This is a great tip for life, because no matter where you are. This is how you find new things just by asking.  I can remember when I was traveling, and I wandered away from my hotel just exploring, thinking I was doing the smart thing looking at street signs.. Was I wrong, I had a hard time figuring out how to get back. I had to ask 2 people and go to the police station and ask if to show me how to get back to my hotel.

A great tip I can give all of you is, when you get dressed what I do is layout my clothes and to make sure I have everything. I go “Pants, shirt, underware, socks” Those are the four things I make sure I have ready.  Than I look around grab my wallet and phone and watch.

A lesson to go along with the one above always put things back in the same place.  This way you always remember where you put them.  I can tell you the number of times I have misplaced things and tore my room apart trying to find my phone or keys.   I started putting my keys in my hat and wallet and phone my by TV in my room.

Why dont you all share you life tips with me and I will post them here. For others to see.





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