If you find that you are not sure what to do with your son/daughter. Find a common interest.  Maybe you they like science, take them to museums, if they like watching streamers or playing games maybe plan a trip to a gaming convention or streaming convention like (Pax for gaming or TwitchCon for Streaming) If they like Minecraft, maybe play with them or get them to tell about their build.

If you want you kid to do things besides sit and play games, try to get them interested in volunteering or working at a Museum.  I know for me I have worked at 3 different museum (The Shedd Aquarium, The Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum).  Warrant my volunteers didn’t last long.

But if they do deiced to volunteer make sure they let whoever they deiced to work for that they have Asperger’s so can try to accommodate them and inform others.

One of things I do with my mom is, I go to Shakespeare plays with her, I go to movies with her and I watched TV with her. This way I have created a bond with her. 

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