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There are two types of freedom that are so important for most anyone. But for those of us who have Asperger’s it’s even more important.

What I am talking about is. financial and mobile. What I am talking about is, how important it is to have you own cash and a drivers license, you need to explain to your kids how important those two things are.

Now I am pretty sure the next question is, what if my son or daughter can’t get a job, that’s where SSI comes into play and they start collect once you gone thought the whole ordeal. But back to the point.

Once you are comfortable and so are they. Let them know that being able to drive is so important, this way they can go places without worrying about hopping a bus or taking a taxi also having money means they wont be bothering you for money.

Now if your not comfortable with them driving the next option is, if they have a smart phone, which I am pretty most do. Install Uber or Lyft on their phones and just have it charged to you. This way they can Uber places and you can track the trip and make sure they are OK. What nice about Uber and Lyft is no money is needed. It’s all done on the apps.

A little story about me. I did’t get my license till I am 30. Now your probably asking why so late, didn’t I get my license in high school. Well yes I did go for drivers ed, but I just didn’t feel comfortable and took me a long while before I was.

Once I got my license, it felt so good. I was able to pick up my friends and go out or just drive errands. I used to love to shop for my folks. I still keep my license updated.

Let me know how important it is..

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