As of January 9th, my double blind part of the trail is over.  As a whole me and my family really feel that I am on the medication.  They see some huge imporvements in me.

Some of the differences are (I am thinking of others before myself, I am pro-active, I am more observant when it comes to clean things up).  But a change I feel that others don’t really see is, that I feel that I signs internally that when I am talking that maybe I shouldn’t say something, like a feeling in my chest or I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t say that because it will hurt them.

The next step of the trial is 2yrs will I will be actually be on the medcine and I will only go in once a month, as before I would have a phone call than a visit.  Now I still need to use the app on the phone to let them know I am taking my medicine and do the games and occasianly use the watch to track my sleep cycle.

My family and friends even my life coach can tell you that they notice changes in me.  This is a huge improvment in my life.. I wish this was going on back when I was going to Uni, maybe I would of been able to study better.  I say this because back in Uni some of my close friends knew there was something different about me.

Here is hoping for the best in 2020.


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