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To some the logo of Aspergers Zone, may just be a man looking out to nothing, but to me it has a deeeper meaning.

Being someone with Aspergers, it means we are always looking towards the future, to see what the future brings to us. We are alway striving to do better than everyone else. So in a way of representation, the mountains represent the our challenges we face every day, the man represents us as we face our challenges.

We are always faced with the challenges ahead of us, be that of just navigating the world or just every day tasks.

I am always looking forward to my future and yes I do look back now and than, but it’s to remember what I left behind and keep those memories close at heart. For me I left behind my year of school abraod and my travels as well as losing my father three years ago. But I look forward to what the future will bring me.

We all have obstacles, but it’s how we conqure them that matters the most.

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    Sherrie. Davis
    March 20, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Reid, you just might be the answer to all who question how to keep going. So, not only are you helping yourself but in my opinion a lot of individuals who are lost.
    GD BLess you in your new path.
    I’m always here for you

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