Hello all,

We are coming into rough times with the new variant of Covid-19 out and affecting lots of people.  The question that I am sure is on all your minds is, “What do we do?”  The answer is not a simple one, but we grin and bare it. Meaning we deal with it the best we can.

What will this mean for all of us, who depend on socialization. Well simply put, we can still socialzie, just be more careful, if your going out, try to avoid big crowds, carry mask with you. Now I know you all don’t like wearing a mask due to how uncomfortable it makes you feel, but remember you not wearing it for the long.

You still can see friends and go out. As for movies, for that I suggest you either watch something on Netflix or Amazon or Disney+.

So just remember, as things change, to just go with the flow and things will work out for you.

There are few places that require masks and pay attention to signage on the doors to see if they require you to wear a mask, the Target by me used to have a sign that says masks were required now it says only if your non-vaccinated you must wear mask. 

If you have any doubts talk to you parents.

Till next post. Be safe and have fun and enjoy your summer.


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