Stories: Three Bachelors Later

Hello everyone,

What do you get when you cross someone with two bachelors and going for her third along with a sense of humor and a love of telling stories and observing people. You get Madonna Kilkpatrick that’s who.

She currently going for her third Bachelors all the while having been diagnosed late with ASD.

Madonna is funny, charming, witty.  With her stories of why is doing what she is doing and her views on everything from the puzzle piece vs the infinity symbol to the term Asperger’s. To just talking about herself and how she got to where she is today and her love of many things.

She talks a little bit about growing up, to why she choose the degrees she has now and what she in the progress of obtaining.

You can hear it in her laugh, and in the way she talks that shes loves what she does. She even does improve.

This sure will be a interesting show.

Listen to the end and you sure to enjoy it as much as I did talk to her.

Your future-self isn’t looking at you with disappointment, your future-self is looking at you with understanding of how difficult thing things were and  their just hoping you will do you best






Stories: Three Bachelors Later

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