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Building Stronger Family Connections Through Autism: A Late Diagnosis Journey – Sara Bradford

Support the show via my Patreon A late autism diagnosis brings a family closer together, but what happens when the unexpected strikes? Tune in as Sara Bradford shares her journey of discovery, love, and growth, leaving us wondering: will their newfound bond withstand the challenges ahead? Sara Bradford is a remarkable individual whose journey of self-discovery and late diagnosis has brought her to the forefront of the autism community. As a mother, wife, and late-diagnosed autistic herself, Sara brings…

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Stories: Unlocking Untapped Potential: Daniel Isham Empowers ASD Gamers through an Innovatively Designed Game

Join host Reid Miles as he delves into the captivating world of autism and gaming with the dynamic and determined Daniel Isham, a game developer on a mission to create an immersive gaming experience while battling societal expectations and the struggle to fit in. My special guest is Daniel Isham Our guest today is Daniel Isham, a true testament of creativity meeting gaming. While taking care of his daughter and working as a full-time janitor, Daniel managed to co-develop a…

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Stories: Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey

Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey Meet Jerry Dugan, a seasoned leadership trainer, public speaker, and author with a passion for motivating people to live their best lives. As the host of the Beyond the Rut podcast, Jerry shares inspiring stories and valuable insights on personal growth and development. Growing up as an army brat offered him unique experiences and opportunities to adapt to new environments and learn from diverse individuals. Jerry’s personal journey with ADHD has…

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Neurodiverse Journeys: Living and Thriving with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Neurodiverse Journeys: Living and Thriving with Autism Spectrum Disorder   Welcome back to another episode, where I talk with Danny. He is a 28yr old podcaster like me who is also Autistic.  Danny is part Korean and part Jewish. Danny talks about, what why his mom wouldnt accept that he had Autsim, and also talks about after he lost him mom, that his dad married a Jewish women. He mentions when he was in 6th grade it was when he…

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Stories: Three Bachelors Later

Hello everyone, What do you get when you cross someone with two bachelors and going for her third along with a sense of humor and a love of telling stories and observing people. You get Madonna Kilkpatrick that’s who. She currently going for her third Bachelors all the while having been diagnosed late with ASD. Madonna is funny, charming, witty.  With her stories of why is doing what she is doing and her views on everything from the puzzle piece…

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