Stories: A Positive Look with Occupational Therapist and Streamer Martina aka Yikes

Hello and welcome to a very postive show. Today I am talking with Martina a occupational thearpist and part time streamer known as xxYikes. This in this very positive show, I will ask her about how she got into becoming a occupational thearpist and than ask her about her stream name amongst other questions. 

She is also a online advocate trying to help those get through life. I will ask her about how she translates her work from the real world to online and about her streams and what she enjoys most about.

She is one of the small streamers who loves to have fun, she like many streamers has a community night. Where people can play with her and her mods.

Shes funny, sweet and oh so charming…

If sure to be a good show.

Be sure to check her out and follow her at all her links below!!!







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