Inclusivity in the workforce and school systems.

Discover how inclusivity in the workforce and school can create a more diverse and equitable environment for everyone.

You will learn how to create a more diverse and equitable environment by promoting inclusivity in the workplace and educational institutions.
Carrin Gilmore is an autistic advocate, educator, and project manager for Disability Voices United and Mind Your Autistic Brain. She is a passionate advocate for the disabled community and works to promote inclusivity in the workforce and school systems.

Carrin Gilmore learned about Inclusivity in the Workforce and School when she was diagnosed with autism at the age of 12. She experienced the discrimination of not being hired due to her disability when she disclosed it on job applications. Carrin works with DVU, Disability Voices United, and Mind Your Autistic Brain, to advocate for the rights of disabled people to receive accommodations, modifications, and support. She encourages younger people to get diagnosed as soon as possible in order to access resources and understand their disability. Carrin stresses the importance of HR reform, conversations, and understanding in order to create a more inclusive workforce. She suggests that companies should offer ongoing support, not just hire.

“It’s not a bad word. It really isn’t. It’s just something that we are labeled as to help us. And I know I have an English degree, it’s my bachelor’s. That term, the prefix dis is the inability to but yet we have the ability to do so much more. We just need supports.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How can employers best support disabled people in the workplace?
2. What strategies can disabled people use to set themselves up for success in job applications?
3. How can employers use technology to remove bias from the hiring process?

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Inclusivity in the workforce and school systems.