Autism Down Under

On this edition of Inside the Asperger’s Studio

I am joined with Ben Sorensen, Quirky, eccentric, bearded, media personality, voice over guy, writer, music lover, presenter of stuff & unable to leap tall buildings. ASD

Where I get to know him and a little about how things are with ASD in Australia. I talk how he got into comedy and voice acting. I find out how he deals with his ASD on a daily basis and what one his most memorable experiences was and you will be surprised what he considers his most memorable experience is.

I talk to him about what he would consider his hyper focus is, and how he uses it to his advantage.  He also talks a little bit about how the Aussie government deals with disability. 

He has to be one of the most interesting and funny people I have talked to in a while.

This is a must listen you want to learn and laugh.


Inside the Aspergers Studio
Autism Down Under

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