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This is one of the biggest problems with most people on the Autism Spectrum.

Now I am not saying they are controllable, I am saying they can be avoided by get a sense of self.

I have heard stories from many people and what happens when they have a breakdown. None of the stories never end good. Either you hurt yourself to the point and being black and blue, or you break something or you just drop to you kness and start crying.

What a break down is, is a overload of stimulation that your brain cant handle. Sorta like a PC doing a soft reset when a program crashes. It can’t handle the information or something went wrong and it resets. Think of the bluescreen as a meltdown. So when you meltdown, think of your brain doing a reset and the crying is its release for a PC its the dump of data.

I am going to give you several things you can do that will help you identify when a breakdown / Meltdown is going to occur and how to avoid it.

I have talked about this in my latest post, but it works well here as well. Listen to your body. I can not empathize this enough. Know the signs and signals you body is giving you. By doing so you can stop meltdown from happening.

If you sense a breakdown is going to happen, when you body is giving you a sign or signal. Here are a few things that can help calm you down.

  • Take a deep breath and step back and just let the feeling wash over you.
  • Find something calming to do, if you have a animal, pet it. It is a proven fact, that petting animals can reduce stress.
  • If you feel stress coming on and stress will lead to a meltdown, Meditate. I know I have mentioned this many times before. But I can’t stress enough how it can help you.
  • Take a walk, by getting fresh air, you are not only helping your health by reducing stress, you are also clearing you mind. A clear mind means a focused mind.

Now by doing theses things before a meltdown happens especially listening to your body you will be able to over come you problems and stop a meltdown before it happens.

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