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Hello Aspies,

I got the chance to review a product that will save you so much time in the kitchen with cooking. I got a chance to review the SousVide Supreme  11L.

Now you are probably wondering what a SousVide is. Sousvide is a water oven. You take what you want to cook and vacuum seal the food into the bag and cook it in the Sousvide.

This wonderful device makes cooking so much easier.  The SousvVide Supreme is also Wireless and their app comes with over 100+ recipes in it and more added every day.

Now I have heard about Sousvide cooking before, because my brother is chef and says this is the next best thing to hit the Kitchens.  What the SousVide lets you do is set and forget. 

All you do is go to into their app once its connect with your Sousvide and and choose what you want to cook. You can either Manual Cook it or you can do a guided cook, with guided cook, you select the type of food from (Beef, Fish & Shellfish, Poultry, Pork, Veggies and  Legumes, Fruits, Lamb and even Eggs) than you select the type, than you select the thickness from 1″ to 2″ than your preference (See picture below) or you can pick from one their many recipes in the app as well (See image down below). The first image is how you would manual set and monitor the the oven and set the temp and time. (See image below), The Last two images are the recipes and how to cook something from the recipes, along with instructions to make the item your cooking, and all you have to do once your done making it is, just seal it and press set oven and it will start heating the water and once water temp is reached the timer will start and you can monitor the time and water temp on the app as well.(See images below)

  The Suvsou Guide Set      

The minute you make your selection the Sousvide will automatically start heating up the water with your food and set the time for it to cook. Once it is done it will beep to let you know its ready (Set and forget).  Look at the 3rd image above, this is a shows you how simple it is to cook something from their recipes it shows you what temp the oven will be set to, how long it will cool and the ingredients to cook to make it. 

I have made Greek Chicken and Mash Potatoes and Carrots and Eggs in it look at my photos of before and after down below.

Greek Chicken, Carrots and Mash Potatoes, Vacuumed sealed and ready to cook in the Sousvide.

After 2 hours of Cooking

Greek Chicken w/ lemon, Cooked and seasoned carrots, and Mashed Potatoes

The Chicken was so tender and juicy, the carrots were cooked just right and the mashed potatoes were buttery and delicious.

Now you may ask yourselves why is ideal for those who have ASD? The answer is a simple one. It takes out a lot the guessing and cooks things to the right consistency, like I said its set and forget, once you set the temp and time that’s it. Plus with all those amazing recipes  you can never run out of things to cook.. You will never have to worry about if you over or under cooked something,

All you will to make food this delicious is a vacuum sealer and vacuum bags and the SousVide Supreme 11L.

Go check them out at the link down below.

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