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Product Review – Archer & Olive Dot Grid Journal and Planner

Every since I found out about Bullet Journals, I wanted to get myself a nice journal to start the progress. Well as most of you know I am heavy into doing my research on a product and that’s what drew me to the Archer & Olive journal. 

The first thing I saw that how people raved about the quality and how their products are top notch.  So I went over to their website and was amazed on the stuff they had. They had journal with all sorts of designs on the covers from shooting starts to crescent moons to the constellations with each astrological symbols.

This is the box it came and even it is beautiful.  This just shows the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these products.









Than I went through the process of going through the designs to find one that suited me and I came across the Moon Phase one with silver lining and it was just right.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, what  you can’t is there is two bookmarks and a elastic strap to keep you book closed. Plus the silver glitter on the cover that make it look like the there are stars shinning.

The top, side, and bottom are silver lined which give it a very special feel to the journal.

Each page is 160GSM and they say you will not see any ghosting or bleeding which is nice if you are creative like me and wants to make you journal look nice.




Archer & Olive Journal

I also bought for my mothera planner for next year as a surprise and I can say she just loved it

As you can see it has a beautiful cover and tells you what it is and how many months it is.  Not only is it a planner but it has a area in the back that has dotted paper for you to write notes or just to doddle.

Now the planner has 170GSM paper where the journal has 160.  Now this is a blank planner which means you fill in the dates and everything else, but this is perfect for those for those who go day by day. 

The cover feel nice and looks nice as well. 







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