The Reiding Room – Leaving the comfot Zone

Reid in England

In this Episode of the Reiding Room, I talk about what it is like for me when I left my comfortzone. I talk about going for my Master in the UK and than traveling across Europe on my own and the adventures I had.

I than talk about what little things you can do to get out of your comfortzone such as, just going some place you never been like a new restaurant, or trying a new food you always wanted to try or even going to a museum you always wanted to go to.

It’s not about the big things, it about taking small steps to get you to see there is a whole world out there.

The world is a big place, you will only get to enjoy and take a risk and step outside your comfort zone and enjoy life a little more.

Music by: New Normal by Cody Lee and the Last Detial.

The Reiding Room
The Reiding Room
The Reiding Room - Leaving the comfot Zone

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