Stories: Podcasting and Mental Health: Brian Hernandez’s Personal Journey


Discover the exhilarating world of pop culture and mental health in this gripping podcast. Explore the challenges of balancing passion with personal well-being as host Brian Hernandez dives into the depths of celebrity interviews and the power of open conversations. But what happens when the line between obsession and sanity becomes blurred? Find out in this thrilling journey that leaves you questioning where the story will lead next.

My special guest is Brian Hernandez

A true connoisseur of pop culture, Brian Hernandez has been a vocal advocate for the love of movies, games and comic books, keeping the geek flag flying high while empowering fellow enthusiasts. Born in Puerto Rico and now a proud resident of Greensboro, North Carolina, Hernandez’s chatter is not just limited to the latest Marvel release or a breakthrough indie game. As a brave warrior facing his battles with anxiety and depression, he has carved a unique niche in the podcasting world with ‘Zero Dark Nerdy.’ Hernandez’s life journey, his openness about his mental health and his passion for pop culture is a testament to his resilience making him an inspiration to all.

I figured, why not? Why not take the leap into podcasting? As I mentioned before, I was kind of going through a little bit of a rough patch and really wanted to do something different, something to challenge myself. – Brian Hernandez

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