Finding Love on the Spectrum

Finding Love on the Spectrum

Hello have you every wonder what it is like to find love, expecially if you are someone who is on the spectrrum. Well my guest did just that.

You may not recogize his name but if you are a fan of the show Love on the Spectrum, you will know the name David Isaacman. He was one of the cast member of Love on the spectrum.  In this show I talk with him and his sister Alison about what it was like being on the specturm, what it was like to find the one and what his life was life before and after the show aired.

I also talk with his sister Alison and find out what she has leaned from her brother and now star of Love on the spectrum.

David is such a amazing inspriation for those out there, with his work out routine and his now dating life. Davids advice to those look for love are

“Be confident, have courage, and be yourself”

This is such a important message out there to those of us on the spectrum who are afraid to put ourselves out there.

Life is all about taking risks, because life is short.

So Aspies, I see you in the next one.


Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Finding Love on the Spectrum

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