I know how you feel.  Being stuck at home not being able to see friends and do the things you love doing.  You routine is thrown off and you need to figure out what to do. 

There are so many things you can do, just around your own house. So I am here to help you figure out what some of those routines are.  One of biggest things is you need to get out of the every day rut of just wanting to sleep all day save that for rainy days or cold days.

My Suggestions:

To get out of that rut, get out of bed, and take a shower.  What this will do is, stimulate your senses and wake you up. This is important, you make why. The reason is because you dont want to feel sluggish all day. 

Once your woken up and refreshed, get some food in your stomach so it wont bother you during the morning.   Now once you eaten.  Sit down and write out things you wanted to do around the house you never got a chance to do.  For example, say you been meaning to start a jigsaw puzzle or clean your room, now is that chance.   Now if you one of those who like to schdule everything you can use Google Calandar to write things in so it shows up on your phone if you have a Andriod Phone.

If you need a bit of air and your getting tired of walking around your house. Get dressed and go for a short walk. If you live near a park and its not closed. Go to the park and walk around. If you parents are worried invite them with, also make sure when your our make sure you wear a mask.

If you are feeling a loss of what to do, why not call other family and see how they are doing.  I am sure they would be so happy to hear from you.  If you have a bike go for a bike ride.

Just remember things could be so much worse.

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