Now how each person deals with their own anxiety is differnent. So how I deal with it can be different than how others deals with it.

How I get through the day and help quiet my anxity is by meditating in the moring using the headsapce app.  I am using their Managing Anxity session with is 10 sessions per exercise.. There is Learn, Paractice and Master.   Than for sleeping I use CBD oil, I take between 1ml to 1.25ml to help quiet my mind at night.

With these two things I am able to get through the day and night.

Now like I said, each person deals with his or her own anxiety differently. What I do say, is if you are going to use CBD, I would talk to your parents and doctors. Because if you listen to my 1st interview with Rebecca Campol, she mentions how CBD does the reverse on her daughter.


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