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Friendship and Dating.

Help with Friendship and Dating Hello, Are you on the spectrum and having trouble finding friends or keeping a relationship long enough to be happy. Well my next guest Jeremy and Ilana are Friendship and Dating coaches who have helped thousands find friends or find that certain someone and maintain a solid relationship. We talk about what they think the problem is with those of us on the spectrum when it comes making friends. Jeremy talks about the 3 things…

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Dating on the Spectrum with Miyah

Hello, and on this Episode if Inside the Aspergers Studio, I am talking with Miyah.  We talk about what it is like to date on the spectrum. We talk about all sorts of things. She talks about the issues she faces before she met her current boyfriend. The issues she faced being on the spectrum and trying to find the certain someone.  She share some of her funny dating stories with her current Boyfriend who is also on the spectrum. …

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Hello Aspies, On 4th and final episode of Aspies After Dark, I talk with Nicola Falzon about the wellness clinic she works at. We talk about her clients who are on the autism spectrum and how do with her dating program she has devised up. She talks about the program and its success. We talk about about Autism in Malta and how its accepted. here are her links to the clinic Willingness (Family – Sex – Health) Facebook InstagramLinkedIN  …

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This is more a story than advice. There are some of us who are good at socializing and there are some of us who aren’t. Well I am in between. I was hoping through my time in uni and traveling I would eventually met someone and hit it off. That, the one thing that I didn’t think about was age. When I was in uni in the UK everyone was much younger than me. Yes there a society for older…

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